My first Blog…..thing.

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello to whoever is reading this. Probably bored out of their minds and saw this and said to themselves, “Why not? I have nothing better to do than read this random guy on the internet talk about random stuff.” This is my first Blog and if there is a way to write one I don’t really give a damn. I will probably blog about my life, things I am interested in and all of the randomness of this pretty little blue jewel that we call Earth. (Aliens, if you’re out there reading this, abduct me and take me so that I can fly around and junk! And see cool stuff like lasers and such!)

My life in a nut shell has been a roller coaster. It has had its ups…and it’s huuuuge downs. So in a way, a very lame/boring roller coaster. Of course some of it has been my own fault. Not wanting to move and let things come to me. But hey, who has not done this? But like all people I have been learning from my past mistakes. Right now in my life I am in a sort of twilight. (No I do not sparkle in the sunlight!) Not sure if it will go up, or down. Of course I hope for up and I will with all my will power try to keep it there. Perhaps even making it go even more up! One can hope, yes? Well I can not think of anything else to write about so this will be the end of my intro blog. Sooooo as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, “I’ll be back.”